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What is =K-9=?

"What is =K-9=?", this is something you might be asking yourself.  Well friend, it may just be easier to say what =K-9= isn't.  But I try and tell you what =K-9= is all about.

=K-9= is a group of Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and a select few supporters of the Law Enforcement community.  =K-9= is a network of these people who play multiplayer computer games over the Internet.  We come together to relax with those we share the same lifestyle with.  We play many different styles of games.  Although we do primarily play 1st person shooter games you may find us playing one of the latest strategy or simulation games.

=K-9= believes in the Brotherhood of the Badge.  We do not care what aspect of law enforcement a person is in.  We believe we are all on the same team and that team is the winning team.  =K-9= proves that when you are a brother of the badge you are a brother indeed.  When we play games we play as a team.  Just as in life, we back each other up when a brother is in trouble.  We support each other, we encourage each other and we congratulate each other both in the games we play and in the world we in which we live.

Not just anyone can be on Team =K-9=.  You must meet a list of required criteria.  If you like what you have read here see the recruiters at the Academy page to see if you might be the next new brother (or sister) of =K-9=.