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If you would like to join =K-9=.  There are a few rules you must follow before requesting to become a member of our pack:

  • First and foremost, you must be a Law Enforcement Officer (family and friends invited by =K-9= members are authorized)

  • While being an LEO isn't a requirement, LEO status does need to be verified to have access into the LEO restricted areas of this site.

  • You must not have a felony conviction.

  • You must have a valid email account.

  • You must have an MSN Messenger account.

  • You must have Roger Wilco M.1c_mod 1.

  • You must Never, ever cheat or suffer a punishment no less than death.

  • You must be loyal to = K-9 = (no other clan membership, except for reserve members).

  • You must display good sportsmanship towards those not in =K-9=.

  • You must download and install any =K-9= specific add-ons.
    (i.e. Have the Tribes 2 skins and Rogue Spear armpatch.)

If you think you can follow these simple rules then continue on to fill out the form.

*Giving out your personal information is voluntary.  But if you would like to have access to the LEO only areas, your LEO status must be confirmed.  The only question that is asked of the PD is, "Does JOHN SNUFFY, badge # work for your department?"  If the answer is yes than you have access.  The information in the LEO area is restricted due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics.*