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Welcome to the
=K-9= Academy

This is where people who would like to be on =K-9= can apply.  To be a viable applicant, you must meet a criteria of requirements.  View the requirements here.

If you feel you have met all the requirements to be in =K-9= please fill in the information below.  All information is required unless noted.

Personal Information:

Real Name:

Badge Number:


Dept Phone #:


Gaming Information:

Internet Name:
Zone Name(s):

MSN Account:


Computer Type:

CPU Speed:


Motto or Quote: 

What Games Do You Play? 

Add any other comments or questions you may have.

*Giving out your personal information is voluntary.  But if you would like to have access to the LEO only areas, your LEO status must be confirmed.  The only question that is asked of the PD is, "Does JOHN SNUFFY, badge # work for your department?"  If the answer is yes than you have access.  The information in the LEO area is restricted due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics.*