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News for 04.01.2002

Great Mod for Tribes 2  -
By Justice at 1:05 pm CST

There is a mod that has a great balance in Tribes 2.  It is called the MouseMod.  It has made very minor adjustments to the base version of the game.  The laser is a little more powerful, this way you can get a kill with a single shot on the head.  But you still can't kill with only one shot to the body.  This helps balance the gun out so it takes skill to use.  Many other small things have been done.  Go check it out.

10,000 Kills  -
By Justice at 1:00 pm CST

I just achieved the 10,000 kill mark for Tribes 2!  This is an awesome feat that very few in the game ever reach.  If you would like to see my latest stats go to my profile page in the Rollcall.


News for 01.28.2002

New Game -
By Justice at 2:27 pm CST

Medal of Honor is out.  The demo was promising so I suggest trying this one out if you are into World War 2 stuff.


News for 01.09.2002

Files Update -
By Justice at 3:54 pm CST

There is a new mortar reticle for Tribes 2.  It will give you complete accuracy up to 200 meters.  It is also a lot easier to see against the backdrop.
Be prepared to see a new beacon.  I will make this easier to see plus it will be a contrasting color to the ranged weapon reticles like the mortar and grenade launcher.  It will also be different from the missile launcher.  I hope to have it finished today.

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