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News for 01.09.2001

Files Update -
By Justice at 3:54 pm CST

There is a new mortar reticle for Tribes 2.  It will give you complete accuracy up to 200 meters.  It is also a lot easier to see against the backdrop.
Be prepared to see a new beacon.  I will make this easier to see plus it will be a contrasting color to the ranged weapon reticles like the mortar and grenade launcher.  It will also be different from the missile launcher.  I hope to have it finished today.


News for 11.22.2001

Ghost Recon -
By Justice at 10:30 pm CST

Go get Ghost Recon.  It is a great game with a very high potential to becoming the main game for =K-9=.  This game has a high intense game play.  The sounds are awesome and the stress level builds when you hear the gunshots but you don't know where they are coming from.  You dive to take cover but just as you are laying down you get hit.  I mean this game can make you jump.  Now if I can only get Transfer to quit cheating, LOL.

Ahhh, Finally -
By Justice at 10:30 pm CST

As you have probably noticed, the site hasn't been updated for awhile.  This is because I have had a problem with signing onto tripod.  I have it fixed now and I should be able to update more often and finish the rest of the site.


News for 10.03.2001

Crime Lab Open -
By Justice at 3:37 pm CST

I have opened the Crime Lab.  It is only a very rough start so you can expect a much better look and feel soon.  I am trying to get all the links working before I continue to improve the appearance.

New Members -
By Justice at 3:21 pm CST

Everyone welcome 2 new members.  Keebs and OzzyHead.  Oz and Iaid a smack down on some peeps in Tribes 2 today.  LOL oh man we put those people to bed.  You would think we were professional ladder guys.  The two of us took the top 2 spots on Death Birds Fly.  The game was full at 45 people.  So it was no joke playing and I think we spent more time avoiding missiles that we did fighting.


News for 09.07.2001

Site Update -
By Justice at 11:05 pm CST

The 10-4 page has been started.  There is going to be more communication stuff posted there but for now I have made two links.  One is for a public message board that anyone can post to and the other is for =K-9= only.  The password to the private board is the same as the password for Roger Wilco.


News for 09.06.2001

Coming Soon (I Hope) -
By Justice at 12:23 am CST

I hope to have the message board and other communications up soon.  It will be under the 10-4.  Crime Lab will have the screenshots of things.  Dog Pack might have awards and decorations and I am not sure what to do with Pursuit.  Well stay tuned.  I am going to bed.


News for 09.05.2001

Site Updates -
By Justice at 11:53 pm CST

The Links page has been created.  It is also just a temporary set-up.  Not too bad but could use some work on the flow of it.

Site Updates -
By Justice at 11:23 pm CST

I have created the Files page.  It is not totally done.  Currently it is a slow loader so I will be fixing this by making the different topics be pop-up windows instead of having all the files on one page.  By me doing this it will allow a faster download and easier finding of files.


News for 08.15.2001

Site Updates -
By Justice at 9:59 pm CST

Couple pages have just been created.  Take a look at the K-9, Academy and Rollcall pages.  I know they are in need of some work.  Some of the functions on those pages do not work.  I have a lot of things to do to the form on the Academy page.  I am going to bed and will see you guys later.

OUCH!!! - By Justice at 9:53 pm CST

I just accidentally deleted the main/news page.  I don't remember what I had for news.  So here is a new series of threads started.